March 9th, 2005


Good grief

Bill Gates has been knighted. Funny, he just doesn't strike me as the knightly type.

In other news, the book club is growing, yay! And I have job interviews coming out of my ears - two today and one tomorrow and they are all second interviews. Meanwhile, work is extending my contract so that I can do nothing and go home early until Easter. I'm not complaining. If I don't have a job by then I think I'll go be a full time student and live on baked beans and rice.

I'm told the rice that comes in sacks is the Good Stuff.

EDIT: I take my tongue stud out for interviews. I don't see this as sneaky at all. I think it's better that they employ me on my skills, knowledge and attributes instead of having their view coloured by some idea of what 'a bit alternative' means. But it feels really weird, being stud-less. Oh and I don't hide my brand, I just don't wave it in their faces either. Not sure what to say if anyone asks..
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