March 3rd, 2005


Motivation, motivation, wherefore art thou motivation?

It amazes me how quickly the work ethic of a lifetime can be destroyed by being messed around. Yes, that's right, once again I couldn't be bothered going to work. I can do so much more interesting nothing at home. Once upon a time work was something I looked forward to, to get my teeth into and really achieve something. I'm hoping whatever job I get next will be like that.

There have been breakthroughs at training. My legs sometimes do what I expect them to, with the result that my falling over is now much more directed and much less painful. I never thought I'd see the day when I'm going "Yes! Please! Throw me harder!" Also, I know at least three more Japanese words than before. These are good things. It gives me real pleasure. In fact, I get more of a kick out of being thrown around than I do out of doing the throwing. How odd.

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Sleeping and reading are the order of the day, I think. My toe is on ice, again. Crowd scenes at the gym are dangerous for sticky-out appendages. Ho hum.
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