March 1st, 2005



This morning was all about digging out jerseys and wanting to stay in bed and nursing my swollen leg where someone head-butted it last night. It feels so wintry. I like it. We need a couple of cold days to dispel the miasma that's been hanging around lately.

On the way home today, I heard two men in their eighties discussing civilisations rising and falling and comparing our current times with the decadence at the tail end of the Roman Empire. It brought to mind my theory that no matter where you put your marker in history, I'd be willing to bet that the people living in those times thought that they were on the cutting edge of technology. When they invented the wheel, I bet those guys were lauded in the cave as advanced scientists (or whatever their terms were). I've had people refute this idea by saying that past cultures were set up differently and they didn't have a concept of technology to be at the cutting edge of. To that I say bollocks! Of course they were self-aware. Tell that to the guy that first put a handle on a knife. I bet he thought he was pretty advanced. What he probably -didn't- think of was the possibility of the Swiss Army Knife, or the laser as a cutting tool. So anyway, how far can it go? Where are we in comparison? Or were the old guys right, and everything is about to collapse and we'll go back, in a few years, to reinventing the wheel?

Can you tell I haven't got much to do these days?