February 28th, 2005


Calling all geeks

I've decided that when I get a new job and have it confirmed, I'm going to celebrate by buying myself a flatscreen monitor. I think 17 inches will be sufficient although 19 would be better.

*tries not to think rude thoughts*

I'd prefer to get second hand because I'm stingy like that. So, um, any recommendations for places to go/good quality brands/anyone got one for sale?

In other geek news, which is probably not news to most people but was to me, Microsoft make a thing called an Internet Keyboard. This is for the people who can't find the Firefox (oops, IE) icon at the bottom of their screen. There is a button on the top of the keyboard that takes you straight there, and another one which no doubt goes direct to Outlook for you. At first I laughed at the dumbness of n00bs needing these buttons, but then it occurred to me that it may be a clever ploy by Microsoft to get as many folks as possible to stick with IE and Outlook instead of using better browsers/email clients. And the keyboard itself is pretty good - feels nice, and laid out in a style that makes a change from your 15-year-old one that just died easy to do. And I'm waiting to see how long it takes a good geek to reprogram the 'Internet' key to open Firefox instead of IE, and thus prove their non-n00bness despite owning an Internet keyboard. *poke*

The weekend was a blur, but somehow my life is brighter today. Thanks to the folks who threw clothes at me, and to Dylan especially for being such an urbane gentleman. There was aikido in which I realised I have to stop hurting myself by learning how to fall over effectively. There was happiness and good company and yummy pizza and half a movie. There was a small bit of Cuba St Carnival in which I remembered why I avoid crowds. There was doggy discussion, and coffees with Charlotte, and me at 3am this morning wishing I'd skipped the coffee.

What has Kerry Prendergast got against Cuba St anyway?