February 21st, 2005


It's been a harrowing week

And yes, by that I do mean that I feel as if I've been driven over by a tractor towing a bunch of linked chains designed for knocking the humps into the hollows and removing debris. Harrowing improves paddocks, right?

There is light showing at the end of the tunnel. I feel ready to have another go at aikido with strapped-up toes, I may have a second interview for a job that would be a good one to have (spot me trying not to get too hopeful), I may be going climbing. My sick friend is up and about. Other things too. The harrowing has improved my contours, I think.

I've dreamed of lizards and elephants, and last night the horses were back, specifically the one I had when I was a kid, partner in crime who shared in my insane desire to push the boundaries of where it was possible to run. Yay for horses! They make everything better.