February 14th, 2005


Today is purple shirt day in my house. What about yours?

There was a religious leaflet in the mailbox when I got home tonight, informing me of a meeting in which some people want to share what they have found in God with me. Conveniently there are no contact details, so I can't phone them up and let them know that proselytising isn't appreciated in our household and please cease and desist. So I'm idly wondering if a pentagram painted on the letterbox would discourage or encourage them. Because "No Circulars" didn't.

Work is getting funny. Today we invested an hour in organising a movie day for later this week in which there will be pizza and chocolate and no work. And I sent an email to the company executive lady asking just why I wasn't informed about the closure before I signed my contract. I figure it'll be a useful thing to have done should I find myself unemployed come March.

And, the new season's apples are finally reliably in the supermarket. This makes me happy.
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