February 7th, 2005


In some news

Our house produces twice as much recycling as landfill rubbish by volume. Probably more by weight. I'm fairly pleased with this. Should I be?

And in other news, First is walking around looking like an old carpet again, and I brushed a bucket of fur out of her tonight with no letup. This could mean one of two things. Either the shortening days are bringing on her late summer moult, or her instinctive sense of self-preservation is kicking in because of the heat.

Incredibly useful fact o' the day: Wool growth in sheep is governed by the length of the daylight hours. It grows faster in the summer months. All except for merinos, whose wool growth is governed by how much you feed them. Which leads me to believe that merinos aren't really sheep. Maybe they're goats. They are from Spain, maybe that explains it. Spot the country girl who's missing 'farmingspeak'..

And finally, somebody gave me a fluffy stuffed bunny. This will be funny to people who know me, and doubly funny to a few of the people who read this journal. It's very cute though. Also, I bought perfume. <-- Girly thing. Take note. ;-)