January 31st, 2005


Lazy Sunday. (not)

Hands up who got out and about yesterday in our (finally) summery weather. A big dose of Vitamin D was just what I needed. Was an interesting day. Went to the folklore festival and felt sorry for the medieval clad folk who were sweating in their wool vests and helmets. It was an interesting fair, I ran into lots of people. Very enjoyable although I could've done without the undercurrenty stuff that was going on. I'm a fan of openness and honesty and feelings are hurt more when nothing is said than when people are up front.

Anyway, there was an afternoon of slathering paint around. Oddly, on Saturday I was tempted to put out over lj that I wanted some wood to chop. Figured I needed something mindless and physical to do. On Sunday I get the opportunity to do some fence painting. How's that for fortuitous? Twas fun. And the cool thing about that kind of thing is every time I go past that place, I'll think "I did that." It's a good feeling. Hmm.

Anyway, it was nice to have a weekend that was spent doing normal weekend things. Maybe my life is coming back into line?

Things are looking up

Fot two reasons.

First, I discovered that when you work in a tall building, periodically some hot guy with no shirt on comes abseiling down a rope outside and proceeds to flex himself in a most aesthetic manner while washing your windows.

Second, word is that if I want I can take a short lunch or skip it altogether and go home early. How cool.
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