January 29th, 2005


The Heaving Bosom and Thrusting Manhood Haters Society

I'm dangerously touchy and constantly apologising. I don't like it. I especially don't like it when I don't understand why it isn't stopping, and when I say things that hurt people I care about.

Today in the supermarket there was a new shelf (ooh how exciting!). It was filled with romance novels. Glancing at the titles I was filled with one of the biggest waves of cynicism I've ever experienced. "Her Real-Life Hero"? "Cowboy Come Home"? ""Right By Her Side"? What crap are these people trying to feed us? Who buys these books?

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Gah. I'm gonna go do some magic. Won't be out tonight. I need to get over myself before I can be sociable. I will, however, be at the thing in Frank Kitts Park tomorrow. Cos it'll be fun.
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