January 20th, 2005


Continuing the saga of girlhood.

Today I bought bras. It was a frightening experience, given that I haven't bought one since I was seventeen. I haven't worn one since then. I haven't -needed- to. My miniscule cleavage is legendary, and gravity hasn't been an issue.

But now, I'm wearing clothes in which nipples that stand to attention waving hi to the world are impossible to hide, and my sport-type tops hang out of the necklines in ugly ways. So off to the bra shop it was. I discovered, to my horror, that bras are like all other forms of clothing in that the size that fits you in one brand doesn't necessarily in another. So, I am a 12B, a 14A and a 14B, and probably others too but I ran out of time. At least now the world is safe from my nipples.

In other news, I'm not at poi. My job is wearing me out despite being very easy. I think it's the longer hours and the new-job thing. I'm really tired and just can't bring myself to go out as soon as I get home for yet another evening. Also, I've stopped having the horse dreams. This is usually a sign that things are slightly out of control. So, I'm staying home with my dog and the house to myself, in the interest of looking after myself. Folks tell me I'll be right by next week. Polly, I'd like to come see you over the weekend sometime, is that cool?