January 19th, 2005


Yay for Napisan

I have a gi! Gosh. Well, I have one on loan from my brother anyway. He rocks. It also amazes me that it fits. Anyone who knows us will know that size-wise there are a few, well.. differences. In the world of gi, one size really does fit all apparently. I feel a bit weird about rocking up in the shiny white clothes after being 'pants n t-shirt girl' for so long. Like, everyone's gonna look at me, causing me to feel really selfconscious and fall on my face.. oh, hang on, you're supposed to fall on your face. Fine then. ;-)

Er, anyway. Yesterday I wore shiny shoes with -heels-. I felt very tall. Nobody pointed and laughed. This is good, I think. Maybe I can do this girl thing after all?