January 14th, 2005


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So, um, Auckland was hot and full of people who were amazed that I like to walk to work. It seems that walking isn't an Auckland thing. Also, you have to wave at the buses or they don't stop. And it's true about the coffee.

On the upside, I got to visit the neighbourhood where I lived as a kid. Observations: the trees are loads bigger, it's not a slummy subdivision any more, and the takeaway shop where we had our Saturday ritual is still there.

Kees Takeaways, New Lynn

Price: $3.40 (yup, super cheap)
Fish: Looked icky, tasted fantastic. Tender, well cooked.
Chips: Good. Very good, in fact.
Cooked in: Oil.
Comment: I was impressed. I did give them an extra point for nostalgia value, but yes, they were very good, especially for the price.
Rating: 9/10

Oh, and work. A conference, no less. We conferred. What can I say? Looking forward to having something to get my teeth into. Like, um, something to do. I see promotion opportunities looming on the horizon. The word 'doddle' springs to mind. Mmm. Yes.

Oh, and I got told I look hot in my corporate clothes. *beam*
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