January 6th, 2005


Live nude girls this way!

Today I got to do live nude drawing, and I'm feeling very pleased with both myself and my obliging model. She was most cooperative, and all is boding well for the finished product. And we had a nice warm day so it's not all goosebumps and nipples..

I've noticed a malaise of sorts affecting a few people around me lately, and I got to thinking, it's after the solstice, the days are getting shorter, does this beginning wind-down of the season affect people on an almost-subconscious level? I know that with sheep, the shortening of the days brings on the mating season, which means it affects them physically. Perhaps the vestiges of this kind of thing remains in people too. Or perhaps everyone's just bummed because the holiday season is past. Seems like more than this, though, since I know people who didn't get holidays.

Today I didn't go near a single shop. It was great. Oh, and in reference to today's title - that sign advertising Live Nude Girls always makes me smile and wonder why they feel the need to put 'Live' on it.