December 29th, 2004


Yeah, what Beagl said.

Call me stingy, or a moaner, or whatever. Normally I pay $4-7 when I eat out. When I pay $30 for a meal, I expect it to be something special. Boulcott St Bistro was not special enough. My steak was 10cm long, it came with 6 chips. This is no exaggeration. They were stacked in this little geometric small windowless building-type structure. 6. I couldn't believe it. Vegies were extra, so I didn't have any. I won't be going back and I advise anybody who doesn't want to be ripped off to avoid it. On the positive side, the atmosphere was nice, the waitress was nice, er... the food was nice. But I left feeling hungry still, having spent enough money to feed myself for a week. Not good enough.

We went to Midnight for dessert, where my spirits were lifted by $3 cheesecake of gargantuan proportions. Midnight rocks.

So, happy birthday to grist and thanks for the pleasant company for the evening.

Tommy and Mum go home tomorrow. I'm a bit emotional.