December 14th, 2004


Holy overpaid gits, batman!

Judy Bailey just got a payrise. She now earns just under $800,000 a year. Here's the article. And yes, I too am wondering who, if anybody, watched the Holmes show enough that it entitled the Ugly Gnome to earn that much money. But, what -do- newsreaders do to earn so much money?

I checked with Kiwi Careers. Basically, what they do is look well-groomed and try not to stumble over their words too much. And, if they're John Campbell, they put on fake voices to make it sound like they actually care about what they're reading. He has two: fake-tragic and fake-happy/human interest. $800,000 for some lippy and faking empathy? I could do that.

Tats <-- cynic

In other news, my pooter is in bits, getting some pretty major surgery (RAM, mobo, power supply, damnit) in preparation for the 16th. The 16th is a Red Letter Day. Why? Ask killifish. And yes, ok, ok, I admit it. Making large-scale alterations to my machine so that I can play RPGs is very geeky. Feel free to point and laugh. Just be aware that I have Arcane Intellect and Fire Magic. Nyah. You wait till I get a horse.