December 9th, 2004


So what's the difference anyway?

One of my bosses was complaining to me about how she was feeling stiff and unfit and having trouble relaxing. I suggested she try yoga. Whenever I do yoga I always sleep like a dead thing and it's excellent for flexibility, I said. Boss lady, who is very religious, said "I can't do yoga." I asked her why not, thinking arthritis or some other debilitating problem. But, no. Apparently, yoga is, and I quote: "A bad middle eastern religion" which means, according to the Bible, she's not allowed to do it.

I tried to explain that it's not actually a religion, and if she's uncomfortable with the chanting she could just do the stretches and the breathing exercises, but she was adamant. She actually looked as if she was frightened to even talk about it. Oh well.

Anyway, now she's doing pilates. Can anybody tell me what the difference is? I asked grist, he said "Pilates lessons cost twice as much."

And, ladies, (you know who you are) - when is our weekly yoga (devil-worshipping) session gonna start?

Bragging rights!

I got to train with David Lynch!

For those who don't know, he's the highest-ranked aikido dude in the country, who turned up out of the blue at our dojo last night. He was really nice and not at all scary and full of cool tricks and ooh ooh ooh! *fangirl dance*

I am so honoured..

Oh yeah, and that internet thankyou meme thing? Yeah. There are people who I wouldn't have met but for the net, who I am glad I know. Really glad. ;-)