December 7th, 2004


How to get a moral dilemma in one fell swoop (warning - long)

Remember the letter I sent to MP's in September about Child Support? I got a reply from Peter Dunne. It appears that he's not only read my letter but considered it. I must say that has impressed me.

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Here is my response after a few days of thinking about it. I have yet to formulate this into a reply and I understand that some of this shouldn't be in a letter to a politician. Any suggestions gratefully accepted.

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Anyway, I was very pleased to see his response. Sadly, the best reply I have had to my original letter has come from the United First party, who are so strongly against the Civil Unions Bill. I want Kim and Thomas to be able to have a civil union. I want gay people to have legally recognised relationships. I also want politicians in Parliament who consider issues like Child Support as thoughtfully as Peter Dunne has for me. Any suggestions of who that might be?