December 6th, 2004


I know where she gets it from now.

Yet another fine (well, sort of) weekend. This time it was Adventures With Polly to the wilderness to visit her Mum, who is Wee. No I mean really wee. She's so little and cute, I wanted to pick her up in my hand and chuck her under the chin. To the (no doubt) extreme relief of Polly, I restrained myself. It was fun! First demonstrated her hypnotic powers on a couple of cockateils and tea was sipped by the gallon. By the time we left I was awash. Then icecreams, secondhand books, more doggy (no not dodgy) stuff and chips with Witches of Eastwick (in which Jack Nicholson manages to outdo himself with repulsiveness). Totally and thoroughly pleasant. I do like hanging out with Polly.

Yesterday, like everyone else, I opted out of the fair due to rain and general cold-and-ickyness. I did make the market (mmm tomatoes) and aikido in the rain on the slippery wet grass (level playing field?) is very different from on nice dry soft bamboo mats indoors. You certainly notice it more when folks stand on your feet if they're wearing shoes and you're not. And yes, finally a Sunday afternoon spent indoors reading. Actual proper relaxation.. read.. nap.. eat.. read.. nap.. half a movie.. nap.. (doh!) I don't think The Manchurian Candidate is the sort of movie you should fall asleep in.

And finally, for those who don't find karaoke embarrassing enough, or for anyone who has successfully faked an orgasm over the phone, or for ferlengheti *grin*, we have pornaoke. Go on, look. You know you want to. New pub game that might just take off somewhere like Indigo on Tuesdays...
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