November 29th, 2004


There are too many isms these days.

I was reading this morning about a credit card company's advertising campaign where they use Vicious Vikings to represent unfair interest rates. The upshot is that the protagonist whips out his Fair Company card and all the vikings run away. Silly? Sure. Even sillier is that the writer of this particular piece was complaining that the ads are racist towards Vikings. WTF? Never mind that the Vikings weren't a race, I think this is stepping over some line of I Have No Idea What To Call It. I'm flabbergasted.

It brings to mind the ad for hair product, where the woman sees (famous male hairdresser who's supposed to be a mind reader as well) and thinks "Ooh, I like the look of him, I wonder if he's.." and the hairdresser says "Yes, I am.... gay". Only someone must've complained and now he says "Yes, I am... it's ok." Again, WTF? It irritates me. I mean, the ad was silly to start with, now it's inane.

So, um, my point is, I think everybody needs to just chill out with the over-pc stuff. We all know innately when something is actually wrong, as in intended to be hurtful or harmful. Fair enough to get those changed/removed, but this pc thing is killing our sense of humour as a society.

NB One exception I have is the number of ads on TV that are insulting to the intelligence of men. It smacks of a double standard. For example, the two Sky TV idiots. If they were women, there would be an outcry. Because they are men, it's 'funny'. When did it get to be ok to poke fun at men but not women? And why do so many people think this is ok? Even yesterday, amongst a group of very self-assured women, someone made a comment to me, "But we all know women are better than men, don't we?" Well, no. We're not. We're equal but different, and I'm tired of hearing about how men are inferior. I like men, and I value them. And anyone who thinks I'm a pathetic downtrodden wimp because of that doesn't know me very well. Any woman who feels the need to put men down to make herself feel powerful is not only insecure about her own competence and her ability to be equal purely on her merits, but she's letting the side down bigtime.