November 28th, 2004


The weekend's just not long enough

Once again I've managed to cram two weekends' worth of stuff into one. Saturday was household chores (yawn) followed by aikido, in which I managed to pull sensei down on top of myself by forgetting to let go when he threw me. I don't think he was expecting it. Luckily he has a sense of humour. He's about 90kg anyway, so I think I came off worst. My shoulders are ouchy.

Then there was looking at land. It was priced ridiculously for the situation (gorse as far as the eye can see, goat-track access etc), almost worth a look at half the price, but the owner is one of those aging goat-ladies and I suspect negotiation would involve numerous cups of tea and listenings to stories of goats gone by. I'm always a little suspicious of folks who keep goats and nothing else.

On to the Head, which was doing a passable imitation of Hawaii yesterday (except for the temperature). The waves were washing right over the beach into the lagoon, and breaking over the Seaward Boulder. Impressive. The water coming over the beach had actually raised the level of the river by about half a metre. There were some idiots playing in the whitewash. Yay for Darwin!

And the gorefest party. Everybody looked incredible, and I met some new people which is always cool. I especially liked Brain-Explodey Dude, and enjoyed rubbing Polly, and Jez, who had the loveliest velvet shirt that blended into the carpet. I was the Corporate Whore, who suffocated on too much makeup. Or Smurfette. Or Beetlejuice's office lady. Luckily, the blue came off both me and my white shirt. ;-) Happy Birthday russiandolls! And I want some liquid latex to play with. I'm told you can do all sorts of things with it.

Today was market day and I have All The Fruit. All of it. Yes. I like it when I can afford to eat tomatoes like apples. And then, an afternoon in the company of six women and a baby and enough strawberries and chocolate to sink the Queen Mary. Nice. Dog walked, rolls practiced, finally time for relaxing with book.

*sigh* I want more weekend..
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