November 25th, 2004



I read somewhere that the best kind of exercise for women is incidental exercise, the kind you get as part of your day-to-day life, rather than going to the gym. It's easier on our bones, apparently. I'm just wondering if the kind of exercise that I get is incidental or not.

Monday was climbing, Tuesday bellydancing, yesterday aikido (in which I avoided mistakenly stabbing anybody but accidentally clotheslined someone - oops), today more climbing... and so on and so forth. Now, on the surface that would appear to be deliberate exercise - I've gone out of my way to do it, right? But, it's a very far cry from pumping iron, step-aerobics or treadmills. The exercise is secondary to the pastime itself. And if there was no exercise involved, would I still do them? And if I didn't do these things, would my expanding waistline eventually push me gym-wards?

And now, lets add some yoga into the mix, just for fun, shall we? I always sleep like a dead thing after doing yoga, and doing it with other girlies will be fun! I suggest chocolate cake after.

And and and.. I got my penguins sorted! Yay me!