November 24th, 2004


Dodgy, oh so dodgy.

Yesterday on the radio I heard about a new website. Apparently these guys are offering guaranteed credit to buy a car, no matter how bad your credit history. The announcer was raving about how great this was. I listen to ZM which is aimed at teenagers, and I thought 'that sounds too good to be true'. So I checked it out. I suggest you do too. It's good for a laugh, especially the jingle.

On the site, I found no information. Every link led to an application form which asked me for details of my name, phone numbers, date of birth, address, employer - basically all my useful info short of my bank account details. They were pretty short on info about themselves though. Who were these mystery financiers? I really wanted to know. The clincher was this disclaimer at the bottom of the application form:

"I/We further authorise you to furnish to any third part details of this application and any subsequent dealings that I/We may have with you as a result of this application."

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So, credit to them that they took my feedback on board. But, it bothers me that there are 18-year-olds with no credit rating who are being lured to borrow money at such high interest without any real information. When you were a teenager, did you read the fine print? And worse, the ZM announcers are plugging it on their station.

Am I getting old and crotchety?