November 23rd, 2004


So we all sell ourselves, but where is the line?

This week is interview week. Yesterday's one was very, er, interesting. A job I can easily do, in fact only a fraction of what I do now. There were a couple of things about the job that I thought were weird. First, they wanted me to use my own car to run clients around. WTF? Petrol allowance, blah blah, but my car? Do I get paid for keeping it in business-worthy state? I picture myself coming home after a weekend snowboarding and having to valet my car for work next day.

And then the clanger. I would be expected to 'do corporate'. This, apparently, means the clothes (OK, can do that), the hair (OK so why is it that my obviously-dyed hair isn't acceptable but the interviewer's obviously-dyed hair is?), and makeup, including eye makeup, lipstick and blush. Blush? Who the hell wears blush?

Anyway, it got me thinking, why do women have to wear makeup as part of their work uniform? I've got nothing against it if I'm going out and want to enhance the way I look, but to be required to wear it as part of my job? Why don't men have to enhance their looks for work? Men with long eyelashes look lovely, why don't they have to wear mascara for their jobs? It would make them so much more appealing to clients. [/sarcasm] And since this job is preparing people for the workforce, how do I feel about telling people they have to paint their faces in order to be employable? It kind of makes a joke out of all the skills we pay so much to learn if eyeliner is the difference between getting a job and not getting it.

I have a second interview for the job. I'm busy asking myself if it's worth it for the $5000 extra it pays..
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