November 20th, 2004


Anyone remember the Time Bandits?

Most of you will have heard of John Titor. For those of you that haven't, read this. In a nutshell, John Titor claimed to be a time traveller from 2036, was very convincing and made lots of predictions about how the next few years will go in the United States.

One of the things he predicted was a civil war, starting in 2005 with a Waco-type event happening roughly monthly throughout 2004, starting the civil unrest, which flares in November 2004 and leads to the war in 2005.

There is much debate about his predictions, whether he's a hoax or not. There is heated opinion both ways, if you care to look. I decided to take the 'Waco' prediction and have a look back through the year. Now, it's fairly obvious that there haven't been religious groups being blown up by the FBI every month. But, I thought, what about cases of the authorities using unnecessary violence against people for no good reason? Or unconstitutional behaviour by the government? Or violations of human rights such as the right to privacy or free speech? Mainly I have looked at Harpers Weekly, and granted they don't cover absolutely everything. Anyway,

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Kinda depressing reading. A litany of abuses, misuses, lies and underhanded behaviour. But, a shortage of Waco-type incidents. My conclusion? There may very well be some kind of civil 'war', there is definitely civil unrest. I think that John Titor is no more a time traveller than I am, merely an astute and observant social commentator who can't resist trying to be Orson Welles.

My 2c, for what it's worth, less tax.