November 19th, 2004


Sex sells? Bollocks! They should use ponies..

OK, so the key to getting what you want is concerted action in the market. Or some such. Doing stuff towards it every day, anyway. So to that end, I got a copy of Property Press and had a browse, just to, you know.. see. And, I learned a few things.

The first thing I learned is that real farms have photos of stockyards and water races as their selling points. Overpriced lifestyle blocks use pictures of fuzzy little ponies and llamas to get your attention. And the kind of places I can afford don't have photos at all because they're all covered in gorse and Ugly. So much for Property Press. I didn't even know there -were- that many fuzzy ponies in Wellington.

In other news, Fish n Chips: Bites in Queen St, Wainuiomata

Cost: $3.20 (cheap, eh bro?)*
Fish: Pretty blimmin good. Tender as.
Chips: Coulda done with a bit more cooking, cuz.
Comment: They was quick but not enough kai, mate. Cheap though.
Rating: 7/10 - Che!

*Wainui speak

Er, anyway. I ate all the chocolate biscuits. Yes. And I haven't had coffee for two weeks. I'm now waking up at 6am every day. Amazing how much longer the days are. Suddenly I can fit everything in. It's good.
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