November 18th, 2004


Hiiiyy... urk

I did aikido! Or maybe it would be fairer to say aikido did me. Having never really done a martial art before (ok, tried tkd and karate at uni but they were all about yelling and doing pushups and I didn't like it), I spent most of it in a state of confusion.. "Why's everyone bowing?"

But, and this is a big but - there was no yelling, no running and no pushups. I sort-of learned some techniques and I got to push the ex Russian karate champion around which was kinda cool. And I partnered with this guy who made a really cute little "ooh" noise like a wee puppy whenever I put the 'move' on him. I learned a lot about falling over. Everyone was nice and friendly. I think I'll keep doing it.

Only, happyinmotion, there was no tea. I expected tea...
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