November 15th, 2004


Sunday afternoon ladies' sewing circle and survivalist group

I have a circle skirt! I made it! I feel so clever! (OK Polly showed me what to do and stopped me from sewing the wrong bits together and reminded me which way to put the material) but, I SEWED!! I feel like such a girl and when I spin round it all flies out so I spin round lots.. and we had chocolate mud cake.. and camomile and honey tea.. mmm..

Also, there was book shopping. I have so blown my book budget this month, but my new bookshelf ($15 on Trademe) is filling nicely and now I have a new surface to put stuff on. We went to Nathaniels which is full of all sorts of interesting goodies and thanks to insider info, we combined forces and bargained him down and saved $25.

This weekend, three people mentioned to me the possible end of society as we know it, and what would be necessary to live in a world with no electricity or fuel or computers. Most people seem to agree that lots of people would starve, but what of the people who -can- feed and clothe themselves, and survive? Would we all end up in some happy Utopia a la The Fifth Sacred Thing or would it be more of a dog-eat-dog mercenary future like Mad Max? Opinions seem to be divided. And where would be a good place to go? Would it be better to be near people and support, or as far away as possible? And, would gold be worth anything? *ponders*

Also, I was thinking of how many people I know personally that have the necessary skills to survive in such a future. The number is a lot smaller than I'd like it to be.
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Seen in Saturday's Dominion Post:

Recruitment: Freemason's Association seeks PR Advisor.

I find it amusing that a 'secret society' is looking for someone to help improve their public image.