November 10th, 2004


Alternative uses for vegetables

So yesterday I got sent a series of pictures where people had made art out of vegetables, and it reminded me of the school gala and calf club days when I was a kid. Then ensued a conversation with a friend where I had to explain the concept, because they couldn't remember such things. Surely I'm not the only one this happened to..

Remember those? Where we were compulsoried into making sand-saucers, carrot-cars and roses in jars, then judged on them? Back in the days when they didn't give prizes just for entering. So basically you had to do it, and if you were limited in flower arranging talent like me, tough shit. It was traumatic, I tell you. And the only way to get out of it was either to a) wag or b) have a pet. My brother's pet rock didn't go down well though. Apparently a pet is supposed to require care. (He's since graduated to a dog, but still has the original rock. I think that counts as care).

I wonder if they still force kids to compete in things nowadays?

And, last night I had the pleasure of watching a very experienced dancer. She was amazing. It's humbling to see just how good you can get, and realising how far I have to go. But, it's also inspiring. Zen and bellydancing, anyone?
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