November 8th, 2004


In which Tats makes her last election post

It seems highly unlikely that anyone who dares cast doubt on the US election will be regarded as objective. I'm the first to admit I'm not objective. I think electronic voting is a crap system that is too open to 'adjustment' with no trace. And, frankly, it wouldn't surprise me if that's happened, after reading these:

So why did the exit polls have such a different result from the electronic voting machines? And, why mainly in the swing states?

Maybe it's because the machines had a few 'glitches'. (I am being charitable here).

The argument for some form of quality control.

Or, maybe it's magical tampering. You know, seven-foot tall mages in stretch limos influencing your thoughts. Silly? Maybe. But, I wouldn't put subliminal advertising past any of them.

Of course the big question all this leaves in my mind is, if any of these things are true, who is going to take the government to task over it?

Please, NZ, don't even consider using this system here..