November 7th, 2004


Four things that make me happy

Today I had to smile watching First and Zen chasing each other in circles, bounding through a paddock of long grass with their ears flapping and their tongues lolling. Nothing in the world expresses joy in life quite as well as a happy dog.

I made the vegie markets for the first time, spent less than five dollars and came away with my weight in fruit. I think I'll be a regular now. Why didn't I bother before?

I've had no coffee for two days. Mysteriously, I feel energetic. Not completely convinced the two are connnected, but I'll keep with the not drinking coffee, and we shall see.

My favourite skirt. I wore it all weekend. It's thirteen years old and on its last legs. Is anyone here, or does anyone know, a person with a sewing machine? I want to make a copy (or get someone else to) before it disintegrates altogether.

The holiday spirit is invading me. I know it's too early and I don't care.