November 6th, 2004


Odd that we celebrate one of the original terrorist acts..

Yay! I made it to a party without falling asleep! And there were lots of people I knew and some new people to meet and an awesome view of the harbour and I'm all for teaming up with russiandolls and fuvenusrs to evict the current folks so we can live in the Palace on the Hill. And I thought the fireworks were cool. Where I was, it took 4 seconds for the 'BOOM' to travel to us - that's 1360m for you physics geeks - and it was still an excellent show.

Today was about lying around in the sun under the peach tree with Neil Gaiman. He's such good company on a sunny afternoon.. I really felt as if I should have had a mint julep though. Not sure what one of those is, but I should've had one just the same.

And then, the Head. Yay the Head. Stamina training today, resulting in sore arms and shoulders to add to the sore butt muscles from dancing 2 hours yesterday.

More observations about Wainuiomata:

Their BP station is the only one in NZ with a yellow pump handle for 91 and a green one for 96. So you automatically grab the green one, realise it's wrong, and put it back, which locks the pump. Then you have to wait for the guy to unlock it and they have a good laugh. In fact, I think the entertainment value is probably the reason they don't just swap their nozzles around.

Business opportunity idea: Open a shop in Wainui that sells only blond hair dye, black eyeliner and cigarettes. You'll make a killing. I'm not joking.

Apologies to Helen. I only just got home. But, I'll see you on Monday and Happy Birthday.
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