November 2nd, 2004


The 2 horse race or the 24 horse one?

I find it amusing that the US election often falls on the exact same day as the Melbourne Cup. I find it even more amusing that some TV news shows give the race with the real horses a higher billing.

They were on the same day the year Clinton was elected, and the Melbourne Cup was won by a horse called Subzero. Which, for some reason, I thought was kind of apt.

I also wonder if Bushy-babe realises that his oh-so-godly election is held at what is considered by the ungodly heathens to be the start of the new year?

Hmm, anyway, my pick for today's race - Catchmeifyoucan, a kiwi horse ridden by Michael Walker. Having said that, I probably just gave the poor nag the Kiss of Death, considering I've been following the Cup for 21 years and have never picked a winner. Maybe this time..