October 30th, 2004


Temporary insanity

I'm having an attack of domestication. It scares me.

Trawled the 2nd hand bookshops. There was this delightful book called How to Enjoy Your Weeds. It has recipes for dandelion beer and clover wine, amongst other things. The perfect gardening book for this place, in fact.

I hit the opening sale for the Lyall Bay Warehouse. There were plants. I was restrained, and only bought a hebe, a lavender and a pelargonium. They are duly shoring up the Collapse-o-Bank by the deck. And intrepidly, I went up the back section, armed with only a butter knife and a pair of secateurs. Two hours later, there is a newly-uncovered beautiful stone retaining wall and the peach tree is liberated. Mmm peaches.. and I have a secret bush that will provide me with unsprayed blackberries. ;-)

I cleaned. No, I mean cleaned. Mum is coming to visit at Christmas. Best to start getting ready now. Why do daughters feel it necessary to have an unrealistically clean house when their Mum visits? Or is that just me?

And I made soap. Yes. Successfully, I might add.

Tommorrow I'll go back to being my usual feral (but -clean-) self. Plans are afoot to hit both coasts in one day. And it's not going to rain. Thus I have spake. Nyah.

And a party tonight! Yay! ;-)
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