October 27th, 2004


One fine day as I was driving along Oriental Parade..

There was this guy, tailgating me in Subaru Legacy. In true stubborn-old-lady style, I refused to exceed the speed limit (50k) for him. Anyway, on the first straight-ish bit, he pulled out and zoomed away. OK, I thought, so why on earth would you put Kobeys (sp?) and a blow-off valve on a Subaru Legacy with roof racks? Tosser. Muttering to myself about rude boys that should get tickets for tailgating and speeding, I drove on. And in Come-uppance Story o' the Day, three corners later, there he was, pulled over by a mufti car. I gave him a friendly wave as I cruised past.

Anyone know where in Wellington I can buy the long thin candle-lighting candles known as tapers? Most people look at me blankly when I ask.

And today was job interview number three. I think it went well, but then they always seem to go well. The gardening one was offered to me, with as long as I like to decide. But I'd have to take a ten grand pay cut till they figure out that I really am God's Gift to Gardening. We shall see. Meanwhile, tomorrow I find out whether my piercing and outdoorsy look has scared this lot off. They asked me what my previous employers would say about me. I wonder if "She's got balls" was the right thing to say?
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