October 26th, 2004


Power to the People

So we just got a power bill. 'Yawn!' I hear you say. Yeah, normally it would be for me too. But this one was in the eyebrow-raising, face-reddening, ear-steaming, OMGWTF (and I -never- say that) category. Only about $250 more than the usual. Phoned Genesis. Turns out that the meter hadn't been read for months and they'd been charging us through the winter based on our summer usage. Naturally the usage goes up in winter, and when they finally got around to reading the meter, WHAMMO! Nasty surprise-o-rama.

Now, I've had dealings with Genesis before. Once they failed to read my meter for 18 months and then sent me a bill for $800, which I refused to pay. They got to the point where they had lawyers phoning me until I asked to see the original contract that I signed, which stated that they'd read my meter a minimum of once every 6 months. Funny, I never heard from them about it again. But I digress.

The whole end-of-winter-huge-bill debacle has happened to a few people I know. So, I've written to Genesis, asking them if they thought it might be good for their PR to read people's meters sometime during the course of winter and bring their bills into line with usage, thus avoiding the large scary bills to customers just before Christmas. I've also checked out this, which is a site where you can compare the packages offered by the various companies around your area and see if you're getting the best deal. And then there's this one, which tells you roughly how much each of your appliances should use per day, and is a generally useful site. Yes, Tats is in power-save rant mode. I don't like big nasty unexpected bills.

And in other news, yay for short weeks and pleasant days in the garden. We -do- have a path. And now you can see it. *pleased*