October 21st, 2004


Electric people

In the room where I work, we have those energy-saver lightbulbs. There are 14 of them. Since I started working here in January, 16 have had to be replaced. The two over my desk have blown three times, and two more blew today. Now, one of these in my brother's house has lasted 7 years, so all these bulbs blowing seems unusual. The building is brand new, so no old wiring or anything like that.

The odd thing is, I also can't wear a watch, occasionally interfere with radios and TV, and have effects on cellphones and other electrical appliances that can't be explained. Anyway, this got me thinking maybe I had something to do with the bulbs blowing. So, I googled 'electric people' and guess what? It's not that unusual. This page is interesting reading and describes the phenomena quite well. Shame about the colours. This page is a database of people and their stories about experiences like mine.

And that street lamp thing? Happened on Webb Street the other day. Walk past, light goes out, comes back on once past. I even joked with my companion about who was to blame and spooky freaks and such.

So, I have absolutely no doubt that this phenomena is for real. Interested to hear anybody's explanations for how it works.

[EDIT] Remember that job I had an interview for and really wanted and was so bummed about getting turned down for? It's been readvertised. Obviously the person they chose didn't pan out, and there it is again. So, in Cheeky Move o' The Week, I reapplied for it. Heh. No shame, me. ;-)
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