October 18th, 2004


Yeah, my Mum never told me not to do this either..

More stuff from Dad. I think he was about 7 or 8 when this one happened. Background: he grew up on a small farm that had a lake with a wind-driven water pump (like a windmill) beside it, that had canvas sails which could be furled according to the wind speed.

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I wonder if this is why we never got away with anything as kids? He was just too cunning.

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Ooh er, I'm a suspected terrorist!

There was a parcel, see? It was mailed in Australia two weeks ago. Usual time is 5 days to get here. Inside the parcel were two pairs of newly resoled climbing shoes, and there was bated breath involved in the waiting. Ten days came and went, the breath-baters were turning blue, and the Post Office had no idea where the parcel was. Dumb stupid Post Office!

Today, the parcel finally arrived. And all was revealed. A nifty sticker on the outside explained all:

Note that the logo is the Australian Post one. So, not our guys for once. Aviation security? What on earth triggered that off? Potentially explosive plastique rubber? Possibly they thought we were going to use them to scale the walls of Parliament and wreak mayhem. And we all know rock climbers are long-haired hippie subversives..

I am mystified.