October 17th, 2004


Wheee... splat!

So. snowboarding. I've done 6 days on one -total-, and I can only just do linked turns. Anyway, we're zooming down this hill, and there's this woman who has stacked out majorly getting put on a stretcher just round the corner, unbeknownst to me. So I come round the corner and there's this guy waving frantically for me to stop. I, being cool, calm and collected, promptly panic, catch a toe-edge and go down on my knees like the good Catholic I'm not. Result - one kneecap getting swiped sideways at 30km. Owieowieowie!

Luckily, if there's one thing mountains aren't short of it's ice. So, fill up a Woolies bag with it, and ice it all the way home along with lashings of arnica. It's only about the size of a softball and I can bend it enough to drive, so I can't complain really. It's my first injury, and ironically I was wearing kneepads. I think I'll buy vert ones. Also, I now have bum pads. They are incredibly sexy. Oh yes. Anyone trying to cop a feel would get the shock of their life and run screaming "Alien!!" But, numerous butt-slides later, nothing hurts (well, except my knee and the muscles I abused thrashing the climbing wall at NatPark Backpackers yesterday).

Hmm. It was a weekend of seeing odd things. Like, the craziest driver in the world - a woman in a Khandallah tractor with her son in the passenger seat tailgating me at 100km and gesturing wildly for me to go faster.. Uh huh lady, whatever. The cunningest idea in the world - a road crew preventing syphonage from their fuel tank by suspending it 10 metres off the ground from their crane.

And what about those scarecrows at Himatangi School? They are suspended on crosses all around the tennis courts of the school. Now, I'm sure the kids had a great time making them but for me they always bring to mind crucifixion and I wonder how many kids who see them have nightmares. It's macabre.

Were virtual reality gloves really invented so people could play air guitar?

And, yay for anti-static glasses-cleaning cloths from the Sunglass store. And, even more yay for people who buy them for me because I keep forgetting. ;-)

Mmm bath... mmm.. bed.