October 15th, 2004


o~ Everyone knows it's windy o~

I love the norwester. I love the way it screams in every year just ahead of summer with warm promises, cleaning out the last of the winter crap that's been piled in the corners. I also love the feeling when after being out in it, you step into a completely still place and everything goes quiet and peaceful. I remember being blown off my horse once in a particularly grunty Tinui norwester. I also remember how after two weeks of it, everyone would walk 20 feet apart because they'd be so cranky that being any closer would be dangerous. And how rescuing your washing from the neighbours' place was a great way of meeting people. And, as I discovered yesterday, it adds a unique challenge to bouldering at Baring Head. It squeezes in between you and the rock and gives you a shove in the chest just when you least expect it. Whoever would have thought you'd need to wear streamlined clothing for bouldering? However you look at it, the norwester means summer's well on its way and I am definitely thinking holiday.

So, um, if you had written something and you wanted to get a fairly accurate opinion of how good it was and suggestions for alteration, would you:

a) Give it to lots of people to read and comment on?
b) Give it to one person to read and comment on?
c) Get a group of people to get together to read it and discuss it, then get back to you with comments and suggestions?

NZQA apparently, thinks the best way to get an accurate viewpoint is to give it to one person who has right of veto. In true Tats Quixote style, I (with the backing of my employers) am about to make some suggestions as to why this may not be the best approach. Any ideas?

And, yay for snow and having my own board (yup, still gloating about that). ;-)