October 12th, 2004


Stuff you really need to know

Apparently over half the adult population of New Zealand is either overweight or obese. The Ministry of Health says so. What I want to know is, where -are- all these people? I just don't see them. Are they all hiding on their couches watching Sally Jessy and munching KFC? I don't know a single obese person, and I don't see any on my morning trip to work either. If more than half of us are in this state, where the hell are all the fat people?

And for the pastorally-bent among us, an interesting article on lambing ewes and how to assist with birthing complications. I bring this up after a conversation over the weekend. It's amazing how many people have done this at some time in their life. People you'd never expect. I've done it maybe a thousand times, and if I see a ewe in trouble when driving past, I'll stop my car and go help her. Would you? Amniotic fluid feels like cold snot and putting your hand up a sheep's rear end is not for the squeamish. Anyway, should you ever need it, here's some information to help.

I had a wonderful interlude today in an office full of old books, dating back to the 1870's. They had that smell of age when you opened them, and the pages just -felt- old. The paintings were wonderful - Auckland with no city, just a couple of churches and some paddocks. I love old books, and had to drag myself away. I want to get a job there so I can explore some more.

And there was cake, wonderfully chocolatey. I like baking with Kim. Who needs measurements anyway? And books, and wine, and good company. *happy sigh*

And I have new snowboard pants.. new pants make everything fine.
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