October 11th, 2004


Politicking for education and pleasure.

I applied for 6 jobs today. Two of them are doing exactly the same thing, only one starts at $60000 and the other at $38000. Guess which one I'll be trying hardest to get?

Recently I sent a letter to all the political parties, with suggestions on how the Child Support system could be improved.

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That was September 16. It may not surprise you to hear that most parties didn't reply. Some, however, did. To be precise, five. Yup, count 'em, five. Here they are, for posterity:

Green Party
"I have forwarded your email to Peter Dunne. I hope you have a great day."

National Party:
"Your comments will be considered as National formulates its child support policy."

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ACT Party
"Thank you for your email regarding non-custodial parents. ACTs welfare
spokesman, Muriel Newman has done a lot of work in this area and I have
forwarded this to her for her comment."

Starting to notice a pattern yet?

And, OneNZ
"The Party, being somewhat recently formed has no policy on this issue at present, but I am certain that we will consider it to be of such priority in the family structure of our nation that our policy committee will respond with a developed policy position in the reasonable future.-- I will distribute copies of your letter to our national councillors at the next Council meeting - October - and ask that the policy chairman - Mr. Richard Fisher, co-ordinates a policy position that can be confirmed and advised to you."

So. Interesting set of responses. Do they mean they'll do something? Or don't they? I can't tell. I note none of them answered my last question. I also note that the National Front appears to have nothing to say on the subject. Perhaps separated families are some form of abomination against God that they plan to throw out of the country. Or perhaps nobody thought of it. Hmm..

Interesting exercise, though I'm not sure I'm any the wiser about who to vote for.

It's not fair!

The other day I whacked myself in the eye with my car door (yes, it's easy if you are me). It hurt like hell and I almost knocked myself out. There were stars -and- tweety birds.

But, damnit, NO impressive bruise! What's with that? I expect anything that hurts that much to leave a mark that elicits much sympathy and the giving of chocolate. But oh, no. Not even a skerrick of blue emo tinge. So, no chocolate and sympathy for me.

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