October 10th, 2004


How to de-stress yourself

I felt much better after my rant on Friday and thanks to folks who said nice things. Every now and then it's good to blow off some steam. So, the weekend. Friday night was all about celebratory pizza and some common sense talk and Chris Sharma. Sharma rocks. I want to be him when I grow up (when I've finished being Tank Girl). This guy was world champ at 18, doesn't do grades, and is Uber Hot into the bargain.. *drools and cries with frustration at the same time*

Saturday was about watching Richard get his black belt (woot! Go Phi!). Sorry Richard, the show was stolen by the Littlest Whitebelt - he was all of two feet tall and soooo cute! But, watching someone you know and like be reduced to a shambling zombie by multiple opponents is painful. I found it hard to watch. I understand the purpose to it, but if I do a martial art it'll be aikido or tai chi, one where how many kicks to the torso you can handle has no relevance.

And then there was the playground. Yay for the playground! Although elusive, we eventually found it and put it to good use (Sign? What sign? Oh, the one about being under 14? Nah, never saw it). I liked playing monkeys on the swings and the flying fox best. Good company, followed by more good company out of the rain later, made Rhiannon's birthday do well celebrated. On the list of Things I've Never Seen Before - Jez and Andrea demonstrating flying fox porn..

Today was about nice ladies fixing my wrist guards so they fit, brunch and herbal tea, poring over old atlases (I love doing that, and this one even had Mesopotamia, Persia and Siam on it), Aquavit and kiwi-style crumpets with golden syrup, interspersed with Billy Connolly snippets. And, my faith in teenagers was restored by meeting two of the nicest, most switched on and genuinely cool young people. -That- was just what I needed. It's amazing how when cynicism is starting to overtake me, something like that happens. Good stuff, and an excellent Sunday. Many thanks to those involved. You all rock.

Now for ice cream...
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