October 8th, 2004


This week

* Find out one of my students who was a victim of sexual abuse and does not want to see her father, is being forced to go to a mediation meeting by the courts because she is a minor.

* Another runs away from home and his mother rings me panicking and in tears. I have to decide whether to tell her where he is (break his trust) or whether to keep it to myself (let her suffer).

* A third student goes home and complains to his nana that I'm picking on him because I pull him up about swearing, make him take his hat off, and yesterday I told him a few home truths about life in the real world and how if he wants his life to change he'll have to change something about himself. She phones up and rants.

How long does it take children to develop the behaviour patterns that see them end up on my course? A lifetime, right? THEN WHY THE FLYING FUCK DOES EVERYONE EXPECT ME TO FIX THEM IN TWO FUCKING WEEKS????

I applied for a gardening job today.
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