October 5th, 2004


My right brain made me do it.. honest!

So nearly everybody is familiar with the left-brain right-brain thing, right? The theory that goes along the lines of your left brain hemisphere controlling logical thinking, maths etc and right brain hemisphere looking after creativity. And the associated assumptions about left-handed and right-handed people.

This stuff was delivered to me as fact as part of my training as an educator. I was supposed to consider it and plan my facilitation of learning using it. Now, I got in big trouble with the Educators of Educators for asking them to provide scientific evidence that the left-brain/right-brain thing wasn't just a load of bollocks. I did the assignment (memorise, regurgitate) and passed, but they never did provide me with that evidence.

Now, I know why. Check this out. Or this.

I feel vindicated. Thanks. ;-)

One for the Unzud musos

Anybody know who sang the song with this chorus?

Don't give me culture
I'm not hearin ya Rob
I don't mess around like the beehive boys
But I'd like to see you do my job.

Back around '81 or '82.. and, anyone know the rest of the lyrics.

Right blast from the past this one.