October 3rd, 2004


Things I learned this weekend

* Don't forget your kneepads when snowboarding (doh!)
* There is such a thing as too many mushrooms. Also, cook them separately from your eggs.
* If you're very quiet, you can observe stealth ninja lamers in the wild.
* Rooms full of drunken teenagers smell really bad.
* The showers at Nat Park Backpackers -never- run out of hot water.
* Always apply sunscreen to your forehead between the top of your goggles and the bottom of your hat, or you will end up with a really dorky-looking red stripe.
* Tongariro and Taranaki can see each other. When you think about the legend that says they were scrapping over Pihanga and Tongariro chased Taranaki over where he is now, carving out the Wanganui River as he went, I don't know if that's a good thing. But it's cool.
* It is possible to look like a total learner when getting off a chairlift, even after 20 goes.
* Having lunch with happyinmotion and his lovely wife on top of a mountain in the gorgeous sunshine is a most excellent Sunday pastime.
* Pistachio nuts rock.
* Owning your own snowboard rocks even more. Yes. I bought a snowboard! It's a Lamar Mission board (Canadian - yay!). Ex-rental and in reasonable condition and it came with boots and new bindings and it's all very exciting. I have indulged my inner gear-freak. Of course, Lamar sounds kinda like lamer but hey...
* Road trips also rock, especially when you drive up so don't have to drive back.

Photos to follow.
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