September 22nd, 2004


Tats Theory Of Spring

Those of you who actually read this may remember a little while back I made a post about my theory of how spring makes people restless and I bet lots of people change jobs etc at this time of year?

Well, ferlengheti, beagl, caycos and segrada all have new jobs, and I know of a couple of others as well. This is in the space of a couple of weeks. (Yes, caycos, I know yours has been in the pipeline for a while, but it's actually kicking in now). I think it's something to do with the lengthening of the days but one day I'll study it scientifically and find out for sure.

Congratulations to everybody, by the way. I -did- feel a small immature twinge of envy and wonder if I'm giving away all my 'get a better job' energy to other people, but you've all got them now, so it must be my turn...
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And the good news is

The funny thing on my leg isn't a cancerous nasty that's going to mean amputation. It's an excessive amount of blood in a small area caused by 'over-exertion and/or stress'. WTF? Oh well.

I had no idea how much it was worrying me till I heard the words 'Not Cancer'.
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America has officially Lost the Plot

OK. This one takes the cake. Cat Stevens has been denied entry to the US because his name turned up on some watchlist.

OK. He's a muslim. OK. He's an activist. He's a -peace- activist, damnit! Remember 'Where do the Children Play?' and other peaceful, mellow, animal-friendly lyrics? All him.

Now, he's not allowed in the States. I think it's because he will speak out against the warmongering of Bush, and people will listen.

It makes me sick.
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