September 18th, 2004


Just for you...

Time for some new icons.

Yesterday was Random Poultry Day. On the way to Baring Head, there was a chicken crossing the road. Yes. In the middle of Wainuiomata, no less. I didn't think to stop and ask it why.. Then, two Muscovy ducks, also crossing. OK, one more lot for the trifecta. Sure enough, on the way back.. these mallards were not so lucky. Well, I'm sure there's something in Darwin's law about crossing the road at night if you're eight inches tall and dark brown.

The Head was like coming home, it's been three months and I didn't realise how much I missed it. Even the excruciating creek crossing (damn that's cold!), and the hawthorn bushes. There were lambs *happy shepherd dance*, and I fell off a V4 *sigh*. But, my fitness will return and I could've fallen off the kiddie rock, I'd still be happy. The Head! Mmmmm...

Today was all about good turns. And, I think I had the most fun of everybody. I learned stuff, had good company, ate TimTams, had some laughs and more good company, ate pizza and got to perv. Tell me the people I helped out had a better day than that! Go on..


Oh yes, Tats' Law No 2: Wearing baggy pants and dorky sandals increases the chance of running into people you know by a factor of ten.
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