September 10th, 2004


Spring fever

It seems that a lot of people are feeling restless, irritable, horny or disquieted at the moment. I think it's spring fever. I bet that more people change jobs, move house or start/end relationships at this time of year than any other. And I have absolutely no statistical backup for this theory, but think it's probably true. Think about the people in your circle. How many of them have admitted to any of the above feelings? It's like spring arrives, and we all start seeking change.

If I ever do a thesis, I think I'll make it about how the changing seasons affect people's frame of mind, using major life decisions and the time of year they're made as the basis. Hmm..
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Rejection sucks

So. Regrettably I was unsuccessful blah blah blah. "I enjoyed interviewing you and hope you will not be put off applying for other suitable positions at (company)". Gah.

Right now I'm vaccillating between:

A) Blow up building (tempting but self-destructive)
B) Blubbing and eating 3kg of chocolate (see above)
C) Sending a cheeky email saying, "You have my CV and are the one who judges whether I'm suitable. Why don't -you- contact -me- when something comes up"
D) Going back to dagging sheep (damn hard work but better money than what I'm getting now

Trying to be philosophical. Their loss, right? But I -so- wanted that job. And no, the fact that I'm helping people isn't enough any more. I want to be paid what I'm worth.