September 9th, 2004


Tats' Law?

I'm trying to think of a funky name for a new law. It's the one that says 'People will only ask difficult questions when your brain is particularly fried from lack of sleep'.

One of my students asked me to explain parallax today. Argh! *think back to 6th form physics* Umm.. *think some more* Those days are a blur and I haven't used it since then.. Err..

Eventually I said that it's the way that the position of something in relation to the background appears to change depending on the angle you view it from. Like when you make something disappear behind your hand by closing one eye, then the other. Something about stars and how far away they are.

Gosh, maybe some of that stuff did sink in...

In other news, I haven't heard anything about the job yet. I've sort of managed to convince myself that I probably won't get it, which is silly but safe in terms of dashed expectations and such. By this time tomorrow I will know.

*ominous music*
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Twenty one days since it was done, almost completely healed. This despite my best efforts to damage myself through various outdoor pursuits.

First photo is the day it was done, followed by one a week. I heal fast. *pleased*
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