September 7th, 2004


This cost the taxpayer at least 45c

From IRD:

"We do not seem to have received your child support payment of $6.30. If you've paid this amount recently and on time, please disregard this letter. However, if this amount has not been paid or was paid late, a penalty of $5.00 will have been added.

Yours truly, IRD wankers"

Bottom line of letter: OVERDUE $11.30

*sigh* So they've charged the penalty without knowing whether I've paid or not. Phone the call centre. Talk to Sarah. Tell my story, just as it gets to the nitty gritty, I get cut off. Call back. Talk to Jared. He can't find any evidence of me owing anything, or a penalty, or even the letter I received. He's passed it on to an investigator-dude who will track it and get back to me tomorrow about what's going on and what they can do to fix it.

This less than a month after my last debacle where I spent about three hours on the phone to get things squared. It was supposed to be sorted. Now, it may seem a little anal to jump up and down about $5.00, but it seems to be happening monthly, and that adds up to $600 by the time my kid is 19, when I finish paying. And, I don't owe the damn money anyway. Grr.

My question: How much is this little exercise costing me, you and anyone else who pays tax? And why -should- we pay for these kind of errors?
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